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Yardstick Coffee

photography & words by Banjo Maliwat



“I'd rather take coffee than compliments just now.” 

― Louisa May Alcott


                  As people get older they evolved from drinking in a juice box to a strong blended cup of coffee. Coffee is a drink, friend, or even family. I’m a Manila based photographer who loves coffee and if you ever happen to be in our Country/City please do visit these two coffee shops. This shops considered coffee as a way of a communicating to other people, they only not built a place for coffee lovers but also they built it for the community, coffee is just not any simple drink, coffee brings people together, there’s just something in coffee that we can’t explain and I think that’s the main reason why we keep asking for more.

First Coffee shop is called “Yardstick Coffee”, located at G/F 106 Esteban Street, Legaspi Village in Makati. Yardstick is very different from other coffee shops, as Andre Chanco (One of the partners) said, there are 3 things:

1.)   They brew their filter coffee with a lower soluble concentration while still pushing extraction as high as we can. Some may find it ‘too weak’ or ‘lacking in body’, but they wish to highlight the nuances of the coffee while maintaining their roasting philosophy.


2.)   They roast and serve only specialty grade coffee. Most of their coffees come from Central America, South America and East Africa. They tend to buy coffees that offer different taste profiles from the common ones out there for the customers to enjoy.


3.)   They operate openly in the bar. The process of coffee making is not hidden from view, allowing the customer to watch the process and ask questions to our barista.


Contact them through this address: