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Wintry Words

words by Bella Santos photography by Stanley Kubrick - 'New York in the 1940s'




"In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer."

-Albert Camus


Time escaped

seasons changed.

That Summer's day

an epiphany spoke.

His world continued to spin,

hers seemingly ceased.

A tireless battle

a restless catatonic state.


I, this beautiful fragrance

that filled your days

drove you wild

made you smile.

The silliness of me.

I, a scent that lingered

not long enough

a memory soon to fade.


The pretty girl New York City,

Brooklyn stole your heart

held onto you so tight.

Pulling you back every time

clothed in beauty and wine

She seduced you

carried all your secrets

and kept all your dreams.


The pretty girl

that sang words so sweet.

Heartbreaking lyricism,

your saviour. 


The pretty girl

that shared your past

your sorrow

your blood

her words

 soothed your soul

taken hold of you.

She, your fortress

your rock

your evergreen garden

you nurtured to life

your everything. 


Your doors were shut

all the rooms taken

the spaces filled

old treasures you kept dear

a wreckage that consumed. 


In front of the mirror

by your side

fascinated by the tendresse 

of a girl you had never tasted

in love with the vanity of her

an unblossomed rose

thorns in her words

his wounds could not bear.


A gallery hung so high

in his Babylon tower

Hidden like his best kept secret

or best kept shame.


The girl spoke softly,

Niceness of men

I cannot depend

their suffrage expels poison

from their lips

The silliness of me