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The Commons, Local Eating House

words by Edana Isobel Jamora & photography by Michael Greene



"Happiness is.....finding two olives in your martini when you're hungry."

-Johnny Carson

The Commons, Local Eating House & Downtown Bar is rich in simplicity and history located in one of Sydney's highly sought after dining precincts, Darlinghurst. Formerly, the space built in 1850 where The Commons resides was known as a dairy farmhouse with an attached common gardens for convicts. Australian Entrepreneur, John Singleton had his first office in the same space during the sixties where he planted a native Jacaranda tree that read - "As long as we live, we shall grow". A stance that closely filtered through to The Commons, Local Eating House philosophy. 

Upon entrance, there is certainly an air of communion and commonality, amongst staff, the patrons and to the flavour combustions presented on the plate. 

The Commons was an idea birthed by a group of friends that realised that Sydney needed a change in the way of dining and drinking. Their main food philosophy is to serve food that is honest, flavoursome, local and ethically sourced. With the motto of - "we believe wholeheartedly in doing fewer things, but doing them better."  Owners Luca & Sara Capecchi alongside Head Chef Mirko Calderone curate their menu accordingly to local produce and in reverence to seasonal availability. 

From a holistic and sustainable approach to food, the space is a strong reflection of those values. The design and structure of The Commons revolves around the transformative nature of the old yet beautiful with a fresh modern twist. From using recycled furniture, such as old church pews , farm tables, school desks and reused plants 

In early 2011, owner Luca Capecchi overhauled Downtown bar located underneath The Commons dining room, a 164 year old larder formerly used as servants quarters with trace marks evident on the sandstone surfaces still present today. With a particular strong focus on creating a speak-easy style cocktail bar with classic accents of craft brewed beers, fifties cocktails and fine wines from NSW. Downtown bar is also renowned for having the largest Vermouth selection in Australia within its sandstone cellar constructs. 


The Commons, Local Eating House

32 Burton Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010