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The Weathered Soul

words by Edana Isobel Jamora photography by



A Weathered Soul

by Edana Isobel Jamora

There is something about older people that has been a subject of interest for quite some time now.

A poignant demeanor, stately structure and astute lines. Rich in history, their physical markings, a map of life well lived, and experiences tagged on. Intricacies of sentiment, hilarious markings of impatient urgency, situations that require immediacy as if nothing else were more important in that moment. Yet pondering, deeply engaged within. Hobbies of spectatorship, vessels filled with silent wisdom, nostalgic sentiment and unwavering hope.

A weathered soul is not to be easily dismissed.

The thought of timelessness, classic all are revered highly, yet in physical …

Maturity when it comes to wine, the cured,


The thing about age and classic timeliness is that there is always a sentiment of youth that lingers.