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The Many Purposes of the Beloved Bed

words & photography by Edana Isobel Jamora



“All good and true book-lovers practice the pleasing and improving avocation of reading in bed ... No book can be appreciated until it has been slept with and dreamed over.” 

― Eugene Field

We teamed up with Cultiver Linen to find expressions of love for bed, rest and comfortable surroundings. 

There are many expressions that emote the feeling of being in bed however only very few words can encapsulate the love affair that many have with their beloved bed. For some it is an important extension to oneself and for few it is comparable to a significant other.

Being in bed is both a tactile and visceral experience, a feeling of warmth, sanctuary, rest, resolution and rejuvenation. What place would ever be so engaging in benefiting oneself for its multipurpose use? Undeniably, the very space cocoons you in all good things.

Often conflicted with the guiltiness associated with being a bed enthusiast - that being seen as lazy and sloth-like, there are several ways to consider the many purposes and uses of the bed.

SLEEP – For slumber, dreaming and switching off. Bed is the place where your body knows that it is going into complete rest, lights out, noise off, dreams on.

READ – Whether is is light reading through articles, magazines, the paper or dense reading through endless pages of a thick novel, where better to situate yourself other than the comforts of pillows, quilts and sheets. Reading and bed make a great partnership, getting lost in text before sleep can make you feel a little sleepier quicker and leaves you thinking of plot possibilities that may come to you in a dream.

LISTEN – There is something utterly dream-like about falling asleep and waking up to soft music. Lulling you to sleep or waking you up to a bright and cheery disposition.

EAT – Bed & Breakfasts around the globe have gotten it right, the marriage of bed and breakfast is the perfect elixir for setting the day right. We all know that during the weekdays this is something we most likely won’t be able to indulge within but perhaps partaking in beverage in bed is a well suited compromise.  The weekends are there for a special treat. Don't forget about tea or milk and biscuits just before slumber. 

WORK – Not all work has to be laborious and gruelling, work space is incredibly conducive to work productivity whether it be in comfort or an aesthetically pleasing environment. Bed creates a plush place for both. 

PLAY Pillow fights, tickles, cuddles, jumping and you know what.

BE Bed is the place where you can completely just be. Be whatever you want whether it is sleeping in complete nakedness, day dreaming and pondering, reciting inner monologues, being a complete grub or being completely pristine and pressed.

Ain't no bed judging you. 


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