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The Cottage

photography by Lean Timms & words and styling by Lisa Madigan 


Within Comfort | 2015



“Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard, are sweeter” 
― John Keats


There's something soothing about a weathered patina; a worn surface; a well lived sigh – the satisfaction of a day well spent and an experience savoured.

THE COTTAGE Kangaroo Valley is nestled in the countryside, just south of Sydney. Lush, with rolling green forests and farms, and surrounded by ample fruit trees and a winding river, it is a place to soothe, reconnect and discover.

The cottage is a haven, offering private luxury boutique accommodation, and a chameleon, transforming itself into a unique space for intimate events and creative endeavours. Seamlessly blending the old with the new, the white-washed interior emanates ease and grace. Every corner has a detail to catch the eye: from a beautiful banquet table, to a working studio. Elements of nature are stippled throughout and touch the refined patter, allowing an effortless luxury to flow.

THE COTTAGE Kangaroo Valley beckons relaxation; the good things; the simple things; those little tastes of indulgent luxury that make our hearts soar and our souls reconnect.

Invite some friends and feast in the comfort of a delicious meal around the banquet table: languid afternoons and lazy days are encouraged here. Fall into the super soft bed piled high with IN BED linen, put the kettle on and dive into a good book. Enjoy late breakfasts of thick laden local marmalade on sourdough toast and free range eggs, rich stove top coffee and fresh country air. Explore the local bush walks, cafes and stores – or if it's cold, stoke the fire and sink into a hot bath steaming with heady Aēsop.

THE COTTAGE Kangaroo Valley welcomes visitors from near and far: travellers in search of something beautiful, something real, or something to delight in and soothe the senses. Stay for a moment or settle in for a while – the experience awaits.

A stay at THE COTTAGE Kangaroo Valley offers a moment to embrace ease and grace and comfort; a moment to breathe and be, and slip into a blissful state of calm. A moment of luxury and comfort. A moment to cherish and savour.


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The Cottage, Kangaroo Valley by tête-á-tête &PLATE
The Cottage, Kangaroo Valley by tête-á-tête &PLATE
The Cottage, Kangaroo Valley by tête-á-tête &PLATE
The Cottage, Kangaroo Valley by tête-á-tête &PLATE
The Cottage, Kangaroo Valley by tête-á-tête &PLATE