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words & photography by Hung Quach



'Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.'

-Og Mandino


They are the indestructible survivors of the plant world. Don’t let by their natural demeanour fool you, they are tougher than they look. They are hardy, adaptable and can survive in the most arid conditions. What I like about succulents is that they come in various shapes, sizes, textures and colours. They can be small and intricately shaped or strikingly bold. The leaves can be organically formed with a soft and spongey feel, or geometrically shaped that are rough and spikey to the touch. They are anything but delicate. I see why they are such a popular plant, as they are very easy to care for.

They are not demanding plants, in fact they are the low-maintenance type. Provide them with a warm, sunny spot, a bit of water and some loving care, and in return you will receive a beautiful aesthetic of natural essence in your home.

Give and you shall receive. If looked after well, there are those succulents that during the right time of year, will yield a colourful summer bloom. Your cluster of greens succulents will blossom and add colour to your home.

A sunny temperament. They have a strong preference for sunlight and warmth but there are succulents that have adapted to survive with low light. They don’t mind the cold either but they can’t withstand extreme cold temperatures. Like humans, they have their weaknesses so treat them with compassion.

Less is more. Like all plants, succulents require water to survive but not too much of it. They can easily survive on very little water and their fleshy leaves have the ability to store water. Avoid over watering them, as they will not take to it well.

Arrange them your way. Make a statement and cluster them together for a more dramatic look or single them out throughout your home. They make a wonderful accompaniment to your treasured pieces in your home. They also provide great companionship to other plants you may already own.