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Our Trip To Middle Earth

photography & words by Amberly Kramhoft & Florent Piovesan



'New Zealand is not a small country but a large village.'

- Peter Jackson


When Florent first expressed an interest in traveling to New Zealand for a holiday, I wasn't all that sold on the idea. My idea of New Zealand was that it was just a smaller and more quaint version of Australia, which, whilst it is a really great and laid back country, to me the prospect of seeing the same kind of landscape and enjoying the same kind of culture and experiences wasn’t all that exciting or anything overly appealing.

But Flo, with his love of the landscapes from Tolkiens' ‘Lord of the Rings’ , as well a fondness for wide open spaces and snow-capped mountain peaks (reminiscent of the French Alps from where he grew up), convinced me it would be amazing. And it was.

The breath-taking scenery in New Zealand is something that no words can accurately describe. Driving in a car and turning the bends from one jaw dropping landscape to another is the most surreal and magical experience. The country is just too amazing and diverse to believe.

From kayaking, swimming off a boat and volcano exploring in the North Island to glacier walking, boating amongst oddly shaped icebergs, as well as a long misty cruise in the iconic Milford Sound (where we were lucky enough to witness a group of seals basking lazily on the rocks) there was no end to the activities and variety of things to see and do.

Whether you travel to the North or South Islands (or in our case both, which we highly recommend) there are so many beautiful experiences waiting to behold.
New Zealand in its entirety, provided us the perfect opportunity to photograph and film some of the most pristine and inspiring locations we have ever encountered in our travels.

The town which we most adored though, was Queenstown, situated toward the south of the South Island, and nestled amongst pristine glacial lakes, and the rugged snow capped Remarkables Mountain Range, it is a town straight out of a story book and we were instantly in love. So much so that we intend on returning there and making it our home.

I could rant on forever about how much we loved the country known as Aotearoa (the land of the long white cloud). Or just how amazing and fresh the food was, and how friendly the staff (and even the taxi drivers) were. Or how surreal an adventure it is to see the fantastic landscapes from films we adore. For us, New Zealand was everything it had promised and more, and won’t disappoint even the most well-traveled individual.