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My Home, Perth

photography & words by April Ku

my home/


“How often have I lain beneath rain on a strange roof, thinking of home.” 

― William Faulkner

April is one of &PLATE's core contributors, she resides in Perth, Australia and considers it home. She compiled a little guide for us in hopes to inspire many to visit. This is an ode to Perth's simple beauties and hidden treats. No matter how geographically isolated or removed it is from the busy lifestyle of the east coast of Australia, Perth is home.

Places for coffee

Daily Espresso Bar

The Daily Espresso Bar pours a fine cup of coffee and is consistent day in day out. It definitely makes up for the tight squeeze for seats or even standing space. For people with an eye for interiors, the brick walls and dark woods will have you hoping to get a seat while you enjoy a coffee.

Milktooth Coffee Dealers

On Barrack Street you will find Milktooth Coffee Dealers who produce the best cup of coffee in the city. With minimal space and busy customers the emphasis is on producing the best cup without a fuss and it just so happens to be the cheapest place for coffee from my experience. Another reason to be tempted?

Elixir Coffee Specialist

At Elixir Coffee Specialist the emphasis is all on the coffee. Need I say more?

Felix & Co. Speciality Coffee

My order at Felix & Co. Speciality Coffee is either the best banana bread in town or a good old toastie. Does not hurt that their coffee is spot on, too.

Top Dup

At Top Dup you can expect quality coffee and the best donuts in Perth. I wouldn’t hesitate to say their donuts might just be more popular then their coffee.

Hush Espresso

Fremantle, or Freo, as most locals say have quite a collection of cafes. My favourite would have to be Hush Espresso with the beautiful high dark wood table where conversations and coffee are plenty.


Newly opened and close to West Leederville train station is Hylin. This place has already found the hearts of many locals and houses a beautiful mural by Chris Nixon. Not many can resist a quick snap while waiting for another exceptional coffee.

Gordon St. Garage

Gordon St. Garage has ample space where you can enjoy a cup or maybe two while catching up with friends. For me, this is also a favourite place to enjoy a change of scenery while studying.

Places to eat

This is more a miscellaneous list as all the previous cafés have great food options, too.

Choux Café

I would not hesitate to say Choux Café has the best French desserts, pastries and breads. I frequent this quaint spot way too frequently for their baguettes and croissants.

Whisk Creamery

The best green tea gelato in Perth is definitely at Whisk Creamery as I have said too many times.

Lalla Rookh Bar & Eating House

Lalla Rookh, which is nestled in the city, really understands flavour combinations. It is all about the taste and if you dare, the bone marrow dish is a highlight.

Sprolo and Harvest

From the tales of others, Sprolo and Harvest should make this list and also my ‘places still to go’ list!

Places to see

Cottesloe beach, or also known affectionately as Cott is the ‘poster boy’ for beaches around Perth. During summer it is hard pressed to find a space along the sand coast or even up in the lawn terrace. It is so easy to spend a lazy Sunday enjoying the ocean waves and a gelato is always a must. While I enjoy Cott during the summers, I appreciate it best during the cooler months. Keep an eye out for the looming Norfolk Pines that not only line the beach front but also many streets of Cott.

Farmers markets started to crop up in Perth five years ago and have now become a tradition for many people. I would recommend visiting a local farmers market if you get the chance. All stallholders sell fresh and in season produce and it is refreshing to be able to hold conversations with individuals passionate about their products. 

The Boatshed Market located close to Cottesloe station is more then the daily grocery run. It is an experience. It houses a selection of in season produce and has a deli that reminds you of home cooked meals. Think lasagnes; stir fried noodles, roasted pork belly and risotto, a fine assortment which changes daily. The best part- there are many tasters along the aisles and every few months the sight of white tents signal a little fair, where samples and tasters end up being lunch!  

A whole day or days at Rottnest Island is necessary. The island always reminds me of never ending beaches and memories of trying to eat jam donuts from the local bakery without licking the dusting of sugar from my lips.

Along the Mounts Bay Road foreshore the iconic blue boathouse and lady can be seen. The lady always has a new costume each day!

If you have time to travel outside of the city head down south to Bunker Bay for beautiful pristine beaches and around Margaret River. This region has some of the best vineyards and local produce.