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My Home, Brooklyn

photography by Donny Tsang & words by Edana Isobel Jamora

my home/


“Home is the nicest word there is.” 

― Laura Ingalls Wilder

Donny Tsang is a Brooklyn based photographer who has called Brooklyn, New York home since June 2006. There are countless things about living in Brooklyn that makes it difficult for him to think of living anywhere else but there. With the vast array of things to eat, see and explore what else could one ask for? Brooklyn is bustling with adventurous options to simple indulgences that even on a random weeknight it's super easy to hang out with friends and eat. There is a large sense of community in Brooklyn that Donny relishes in and that's one of the main reasons why he loves it so much.  

" Some of my favourite things to eat are fried chicken sandwich from Allswell, the wonderful pies from Four & Twenty Blackbirds, doughnuts from Dough, Burgers at Diner and Pizza's at Roberta's."

Not living in Manhattan, means that you are able to see the Manhattan skyline, a sought after view by many. Residing away from the city also means there are many green spaces, particularly along the East River. "I sit there for hours, taking in the view. It makes me feel blessed to be living in such a great city."

Even after living in Brooklyn for almost nine years Donny still enjoys exploring the many neighbourhoods and the many hidden gems that are often spoken about. "When I have the urge, I grab my camera and phone and wander the different neighbourhoods. I could easily spend a day going from industrial, atrsy Bushwick to trendy Williamsburg to one of the three Chinatowns and end the day at the beach in Coney Island. Then the next day I could spend the morning food shopping at the local farmers market then meet up with friends for an early afternoon picnic at the park."

Donny takes us on a trip to Brooklyn through captured images sharing how he enjoys living there to the fullest. For Donny, Brooklyn is home