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Arranging Blooms with My Flower Man

words by Kieran Birchall & photography courtesy of My Flower Man




"There are always flowers for those who want to see them."

-Henri Matisse


MyFlowerMan is a floral service run by Kieran Birchall based in Sydney, Australia that allows people to have a flower man who they can call on when ever then need to wish someone well, organise a special event or just need blooms for the home. Kieran doesn’t like to over complicate his arrangements and finds the flowers natural form the most fitting for his work- with a focus in arrangements with a textured mix of traditional blooms, Australian natives and wildflowers- shying away from typical floristry techniques that use wire, tape or foam. 

Tips to arranging and looking after your blooms: 

  1. Strip the stems - If you are buying your flowers straight from the wholesaler make sure you get rid of any leaves around the bottom of your stems (or to where the water will sit in the vase) this will help keep your water cleaner and arrangement for longer. Also cut the stems on an angle with sharp secateurs before you put them in water and try to cut them to fit your clean vase. They always look better when they fit comfortably in the vase. 
  2. Trust your eye - you know what you like and take inspiration from what you already love. Art, fashion, music etc. Flowers are a creative venture, make sure you do what you think looks good not what you think your arrangement should look like. 
  3. Keep it simple - I see so many people try to over complicate an arrangement, I personally like a more relaxed aesthetic. I often stick to three types per arrangement. I like something green, normally larger and leafy that will give the arrangement a sculptural shape, then two others that will work with that. Play with height and don’t try to make them perfect. Imperfections and uniqueness make them interesting. 
  4. Go native - Australian natives and wildflowers are often perceived as harsh, but I personally love them and use them all the time in my work. You can also mix them with other more traditional blooms, the different textures and colours work really well. That could be a tip in itself, experiment with textures and varieties. 
  5. Try the ‘gangsta lean’ - I like an arrangement to have a dominant side or lean. At MFM we call this the ‘gangsta lean’. Let some stems or branches of leaves hang over or out to one side. I play with both left and right, but as a rule of thumb going left will work. We read left to right, the eye begins on the left with the more dominant side, so it’s kind of playing to that idea.