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More Milk?

words by Edana Isobel Jamora + illustrations by Rose Jocham



“Hydrogenated and androgynous milky white love is all I have to offer you. Would you like me to pour it in your coffee, or directly into your soul?” 
― Jarod Kintz

Illustrator Rose Jocham takes upon a thought-provoking project about the rebrand of 'the milkman'. Designing a leaflet to be placed into letterboxes containing a postcard that requests for you to sign up to the service. It provokes thought in simplest form for one of the most loosely regarded household commodities, milk. She asks the question, is it time to get More Milk?

Tea makes everything ok, pancakes make the day fun, cereal is a perfect way to start the day and a glass of milk is the perfect way to end it. What’s the secret ingredient? It’s milk! Almost everybody uses it; it is a household familiarity and is a daily need that is often undervalued. More Milk? asks the question, is it time to get More Milk?

1/ What inspired the 'More Milk' project and what compelled you to 'rebrand'- the traditional milk-man?

A/  I was in quite deep thought when I thought about rebranding the milk man. I thought about a simple product with a story behind it as I like most things to have a story behind it. So I thought about products with history but also something still loved today. This brought me on to milk, it has been used for thousands of years and still used today by every generation and in many different countries. I felt the importance of milk had been forgotten and it is slightly under estimated. So I wanted to advertise the wonder of it with a contemporary and exciting twist.

2/ What are some foods/beverages that you can't go without milk?

A/  Coffee and pancakes are an absolute must for me. Coffee on a daily basis and pancakes every weekend. Of course one of the main ingredients is milk, so without milk my mornings and weekends just would not be complete!

3/ Why More Milk?

A/ I hope that with the new branding and innovative design, it would make people think about the milk they are buying and would be something they can get excited about and enjoy with friends and family. Milk is an every day need and makes everything better!