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Monet's Garden

words & photography Hung Quach 



I am following Nature without being able to grasp her, I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.

- Claude Monet


My admiration for Claude Monet and his artworks began in art class during high school. Since then, a journey to his gardens has been on my travel bucket list. I was intrigued by the house and gardens that inspired his famous "Water Lilies" artwork series. I had to see it in person, to experience it just once.

Monet's Gardens is located in Giverny, a small beautiful town outside Paris. It is located in the region of Normandy, famed for camembert cheese and cider. The best time to visit is in Spring and Summer when the flowers are in full bloom and you can enjoy the garden it in all it's beauty and glory. Buy your tickets in advance and visit early in the morning to avoid the queues and hoards of tourist buses.

I was immediately struck and spellbound by how pretty Giverny was with the huge variety of flora. Poppies, roses, hyacinths, tulips, wisteria and irises are some of the flowers you will find there. As you walk through the town, your senses are tantalised by the distinct aroma of roses. You will find yourself stopping every few metres to gaze at the landscapes and flowers all around you.

Take your time and wander around the town, sample the local fare, drink some French cider and absorb the beauty that is in Giverny. It won't take you long to see why Monet fell in love with this town and made it his home.