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Landscapes of Ireland

photography & words by Hung Quach



“The sea, the snotgreen sea, the scrotumtightening sea.”

― James Joyce

In Ireland there is rain and lots of it. Drizzly rain that leaves a fine misty layer of droplets on your head, rain that falls for days on end, and rain that falls horizontally with the wind. It is the same rain that nourishes the land and creates the greenest of green pastures. But there is more to Ireland than this. It is a land of contrasting scenery.

Rugged, majestic mountains loom above tranquil waterways. Dainty meadow flowers that sprout between the rocks on lunar like landscapes. Flocks of sheep that dot the windy roads like soft cotton balls. Pure ocean water that crash violently against the craggy coastlines. These landscapes are deeply steeped in myths, legends and fairy tales. For centuries, writers, painters, musicians and storytellers have been inspired by this landscape. It’s easy to see why.

If you’re after solitude and peace, you will get it there. Lonely, quiet roads that go on for miles with only sheep and ponies to keep you company. Grey days are a common sight but every so often there is a break in the clouds and the sun will reveal itself, beaming a streak of warm light onto the land. You will be left in awe of the beautiful and changing scenery that unfolds itself as you travel around this country. Make sure you stop often enough to take it all in, take a deep breath and surrender yourself to the views.