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Human Connection, Finding Kindred

words by Edana Isobel Jamora + photography by Stanley Kubrick

- 'Life and Love on the New York City Subway' 1946.




“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.” 

― Friedrich Nietzsche

Placing aside acquaintances, friends, family members and friendly others- finding kindred is like finding the home base for your soul.

After spending an evening with a bunch of people that weren’t likeminded, it got me thinking- what does it take for two people or even a group of people to really have a deep connection, chemistry and spark, and how rare is it to find?

After deep consideration, the question arose, how often in life do you find someone that you just 'get', as they 'get' you? Putting aside romantic conquests and solely focusing on just a human element of connection in the most basic form without any forethought into the relationship transpiring into anything more (whether it be progressive friendship, romantic conquest or relationship.)

What a beautiful thing. When you think about life retrospectively, you realise how many people you come across day in and day out, how many people you have a glimpse of, how many stay in your life, how many become close friends, lovers, ex lovers, a distant memory or even a forgotten one.

What is it about certain people that create that bond? Fleeting, momentary or even forever? And if we find them, why do we let some of them get away and how do some human connections never come to fruition or if they do why do they fizzle out? Is it just the preliminary honeymoon period that takes us, and the procession of the relationship that blurs and reveals too much? 

I always found it quite perplexing, that in a room full of people, you can still feel alone. Surely there is the amiable polite small talk and chit chat that gets you by but there is no true real foundation or chemistry. I find I'm on a continuous search to find that feeling.

People act and respond to what they know, the familiar, the sparkle. This is all a product of what each individual is exposed to, their environment, who they are and what has constructed them. Whether it be through experiences and childhood. We are all exposed to different things - heartbreak, loss or extreme states of elation all of which are contributing little intricacies that continuously mould our beings. I like to think of each human being as an unfinished sculpture, always taking shape and formation yet often unfinished and fragmented.

Perhaps we are built with receptive sensory wires that unconsciously project through our eyes and conversation where we feel that kindred point with one another. A place where our collective experiences connect even without an explicative spoken suggestion.