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Helen's Brooklyn

photography & words by Helen Levi 



“To begin with, I dined there on Monday, and once a week is quite enough to dine with one's own relations.”

― Oscar Wilde

Helen Levi is a Brooklyn based potter and photographer.  Her days are normally filled with clay interlacing her fingers and gracing her extremities but here she takes us on a little trip with her to show us her Brooklyn and what it looks like when summer ends. 


Once summer ends, I can start my day by taking my dog Billy to the beach; his favourite place. These photos are at Fort Tilden in the Rockaways. Before exploring the dunes with Billy I mostly thought of the beach as sand, ocean, and sky, but now my favourite part of the landscape are all the beautiful and lush plants growing on the beach.

I work in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, which is where Brooklyn's Chinatown is. Just as hustle-bustle as Manhattan's, and probably more authentic. Every couple of weeks my studio mates Chen & Kai and I treat ourselves to a dim sum lunch out with our interns. Chen speaks Chinese so we usually get better stuff when he comes along. 


Helen Levi Pottery: