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A Guide to Packing - Hand Luggage Packed With Thought

words & photography by April Ku



'The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.'

- Saint Augustine



The art of packing does not need to be confined to the suitcase. Hand luggage packed well is in itself, an investment.

Many factors come into play when packing hand luggage. How heavy is too heavy? It must hold all the essentials, but what is and isn’t an essential? Will it take mere seconds to find something (i.e. my passport just before boarding with an impatient line behind me) or am I left digging around? The questions go on.

A few points to consider when packing:

  • The bag itself is important. Always tend towards a large tote.

  • Compartmentalise everything with duster bags of shoes or handbags and even Aesop pouches. Linen laundry bags work well too. If all else fails, plastic snap lock bags are a lifesaver, which are best used for anything liquid. This just means less tangled earphones and chords and the ability to find things quickly.

  • Anything that might not last being tossed around in check-in luggage also ends up in hand luggage. i.e MacBook.

  • Some skincare in the form of samples. Best non-fuss way to freshen up without bringing bottles of liquids, which are not allowed if over a certain volume when flying.

  • Something that seems like a waste of space to others but not to you. i.e. a paperback book.

  • Room for a water bottle.

  • A coat, not officially carry-on luggage but acts as a blanket on flights and the fact that many destinations seem to always be winter, dare say, escaping the harsh Australian summer.

    Sticking to these points allow for hand luggage however on the way home sometimes end up as ‘second luggage’. Therefore it is always the act of refining the way of packing and the utmost belief that learning from experience is the best ‘guide’.

    Even if you won’t be travelling in the near future you'll still find these tips useful on a daily basis.