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Flower Power - Roses

words & photography by Amy Truong



'What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.'

-William Shakespeare



Nothing blooms more beautifully than that of a simple rose. As a little girl, I would remember my grandmother spending hours in the garden pruning and clipping away at our rose bushes. Come spring, they would bloom into gorgeous spheres of colour and their delicate scent would sing in the garden as I headed off to school.

Roses are my first love when it comes to flowers. One can easily create the most romantic of Hollywood love stories just by using the common rose to symbolise the cliché. He asks for her hand in marriage, diamonds and red roses in tow to show his love. The happy bride-to-be then selects white and pink roses for her special day, indicating her purity and grace. They thank loved ones for support and friendship by using yellow roses as a boutonnière. Perhaps it’s that inextricable link that attracts one to adore roses – for we are taught, roses are a symbolic indication of the motions in love and life. 

Naturally, roses remain a popular option when choosing a bunch of flowers for that someone special. Paired with other flowers, you can create quite a gentle conversation simply by giving a thoughtful and well-meaning bouquet.

Some combinations to consider when next visiting your local florist:

  • Roses and Lilies – an amalgamation of love and devotion, combining lilies with roses are an ideal bouquet to celebrate with an important loved one in your life.

  • Roses and Baby Breath – a classic combination, this duo of delicate flowers represent everlasting love. Not for the faint hearted, this is the bouquet best suited to proposals/weddings.

  • Roses and Chrysanthemums – best in bright, happy colours like yellows and pinks, a combination that represents friendship and happiness. Give this bouquet to your favourite friend to tell them how wonderful you think they are.