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Finding Home Away From Home

photography & words by Amberly Kramhoft & Florent Piovesan

travel story/


“I’d like to sit around a campfire with a couple of cowboys and argue over who’s going to turn on the stove.” 

― Jarod Kintz

Last weekend we had the pleasure of staying at Bristol Point Campground,  Jervis Bay in the south coast of NSW (about 3 hours south of Sydney.)
We had wanted to go camping for a long time to get away from the buzz of the city and get back to nature. We decided to go to Jervis bay as we had been there before and really loved the laid back little beach towns and quiet atmosphere. The drive itself from Sydney is scenic and once out of the city, very peaceful.

We stopped along the way at our usual favourite spot, the iconic and quaint town of Berry, filled with beautiful cafe’s and shops full of knick knacks, clothing and gorgeous home wares. Afterward, treating ourselves to a nice lunch, we then headed on to our destination. As soon as we arrived at the campground, we made ourselves a little home upon the soft sand, surrounded by the towering gum trees and dappled light where we were welcomed by two curious wallabies.
After ‘building' our new home, we ventured through the forest towards the secluded beach, and basked in the glow of a spectacular sunset.
After which, we returned to setup our little dinner table in the open clear sky and cooked a humble meal together, using our portable gas stove. Dining together by only the light of a lantern added yet another romantic touch to our weekend and made us right at home in our new abode.

Completely at rest, there were no phones or computers to distract us and no mind-numbing noise. Just blissful beautiful peace.
Instead of watching TV, we stared up at the countless stars and spent hours contemplating the beauty the sky had to offer, unspoiled by city lights or noise.

We were awoken by the warm early morning sunlight and the chatter of birds, and had our usual honey’d tea and biscuits before reluctantly heading back to the hustle and bustle of our city life, and vowed to return to our newfound home away from home as often as possible.