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Everything Outside the City

photography & words by Artu Nepomuceno




“How often have I lain beneath rain on a strange roof, thinking of home.” 

― William Faulkner



The city of Manila by itself is a chaotic art piece created by people unconscious of their abilities. With only one major region in the whole country being concentrated for business and development, it is both the the sanctuary of financial development and the purgatory of lost hope — the prodigal artist from the province would venture his way into the abyss of Manila seeking a worthy audience, while only finding himself possibly stuck, with no way back home. Despite the dangerous quicksand with the illusion of promise Metro Manila offers, it has embraced a good number of talents and has given them not only deep pockets and high international recognition, but a pen that would allow them to draw the framework of the city. The city of Manila has proven itself as a disguised beauty, or a damsel in distress — with the right amount of patience and communal work, it would serve as what could be: a centre of growth and development.

As we wait patiently for the Oliver Queens and Bruce Waynes of Manila to save our city, one should see the core beauty of the Philippines — the true nature, so to speak. From the mountains, to the waterfalls, to the beaches, to the sunsets, to the people — the many provinces of the Philippines has shown a multitude of cultures despite the ironic proximity they have with each other. In presenting My Home, The Philippines, I decided to veer away from the city, as it plays no match against the beautiful cities I dream of visiting and experiencing one day. But if I am to compete and represent my home, I would show everything outside the city.