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Duck Duck Goose & Larder

words by Ella King & photography by Benjamin Johnston



'Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.'

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


A far cry from indigence and small town confinement, Kyneton, just 80km from the Melbourne CBD, is a flurry of crisp ice-cold air and the scent of freshly cooked sweets, well known for its wide and parading roads, local farming and iconic bluestone architecture.

Until the mid 1990’s, Kyneton was a bustling thoroughfare, servicing hungry travellers and inquisitive antiquaries as they stormed down the Calder Highway in need of a rest stop and a bite to eat. In recent years, however; the township has been long forgotten as highway bypasses continue to knock on it’s doorstep - sending tourism further from its streets in the name of arriving faster to a destination than ever before.

 Many country towns have lost their way, no longer able to rely on passers-by for their economy. Kyneton, like Castlemaine, Daylesford and Macedon in central Victoria have paid the price of the Calder developments, relying mainly on locals to keep businesses afloat.

Thank goodness then, for the foodie reconnoissance. As tourism struggles across Victoria, Foodism is growing at an almighty rate - sending food-lovers off on adventurous country weekend-benders, in line to be the first to get a taste of local produce and the culinary flare of the land. With fresh food markets and harvesting fairs and festivals spread across the calendar year, the area is once again thriving and appears to be far from slowing down.

 Situated in the old market hall on Piper Street, amongst several fresh, homestyle cafes and farm-to-plate restaurants lays Duck Duck Goose & Larder. Despite being relatively new, it is making quite a name for itself. Serving up the ever popular Coffee Supreme ‘South Blend’ on the coffee front, Melbournian’s are giddy at the chance to lap up the best coffee in town, out of town.

To sweeten the deal, Duck Duck Goose & Larder has preserved the historical market, with a fully-fledged marketplace out the back of the cafe, in the original market hall - supplying tons of local produce from Sidonia Hills Natural Beef, Bendigo 'Good Loaf' Sourdough, Sutton Grange 'Holy Goat' Cheeses and Kenyan produced Emelia's relish and chutney and Henry Langdon spice range. With a selection of beautiful home wares, restocked weekly on offer including uashama and Morgan and Fitch, Duck Duck Goose & Larder also have bi-weekly deliveries of local flowers making.

From the market floor to the front of house cafe, Duck Duck Goose & Larder carves up some of the finest all-day brunches in town from berry coulis with almond praline to poached eggs served on a sweet potato rosti and accompanied by slow roasted tomatoes, baby spinach and smoky harissa hollandaise. With a generous indoor cafe area dominated by large communal wooden tables and smaller private spaces, the cafe is detailed with humble fresh flower vases and farm-style water jugs alongside mis-matched crockery and chairs. The store is open and vast, making the most of the high barn-style corrugated iron and glass ceilings, that celebrate the brief bursts of sunshine, so very welcome on a cold and rainy day- a frequent occurrence in Kyneton. The cafe and market floor is warm and cozy, inviting, with a strong resonance to family and the land.


Duck Duck Goose & Larder

17-21 Piper Street Kyneton, VIC 3444