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Dining For One

words & photography by Kelly Brown



“To begin with, I dined there on Monday, and once a week is quite enough to dine with one's own relations.”

― Oscar Wilde

There is often a negative connotation to the act of eating alone. As if being alone, makes one lonely. But, to eat with oneself can be a rich, sensory experience when you slow down and create a space that is nourishing to your body, mind and soul.

To compensate for the lack of verbal dialogue, create a table setting that engages your senses. To begin, go outside and forage a bouquet of something unexpected. Not only does this provide an opportunity to spend time outdoors, but allows you to bring a bit of the outdoors back into your home.

Break routine and pick a place in your home that you don't normally eat at, preferably one with a great view. Add a pillow or blanket to your chair to invite the feeling of relaxation. Next, get out your best napkins, the ones you never bring out for fear of a red wine demise. Layer different patterns and textures to create something both visually and tangibly intriguing.

When the table is set with intention, you create a heightened awareness that adds to the meal. Without any other distractions, you can let your guard down and let the experience take over. Don't be afraid to try something different, use fancy cutlery, chopsticks, make something messy, clean, simple. Don't be afraid to eat alone. Embrace it.