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Creatures Of Comfort

words & photography by Natalie Masli



“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” 

― Edith Sitwell

In a world ruled by extroverts and all things social media, it is easy to overlook the importance of introversion and slowing down. Opting to stay at home is frequently seen as antisocial or uninteresting behaviour by the general person, but it is a choice homebodies make, with the better knowledge that there are pleasures to be found in the little things in life too.

There is something undeniably graceful in the peace and quiet of the times when you are alone at home, and a refined freedom which is seldom felt elsewhere. The ability to go about your day un-judged by others and the capacity to do whatever you want that is so liberating. You can spoil yourself with the book you have been putting off in favour of work, or catch up on the latest edition of your magazine of choice. And the beauty of reading in your own abode is that, not only are you snugly tucked into your favourite reading corner, but you are also transporting your mind to distant places and dreamy scenarios, far away from your daily life and your daily troubles.

Think of the dappled light that graces your room as you go about the otherwise mundane rituals of brewing your tea or coffee – it makes all the difference. The familiarity of the changing light as the day turns from morning to evening is a constant companion and the only witness to your private life at home. In summer, the warmth of the light lends a welcoming presence, and in winter, the bluer hues of the light beckon you to stay nestled in the comfort of your own space. It gilds the food you eat, turning it into something sublime, as if it were ambrosia itself; and its glow flatters every angle of the room, making every perspective a picture-worthy moment.

Having time to yourself also means time to meditate and mull over any dilemmas you might be facing at work or outside of home. Spending moments in the garden may help with cogitations, as the act of nurturing is therapeutic and it often clears the mind of material worries, bringing attention back to what is important. Taking a bit of nature into the home in the form of flower clippings and indoor plants also help complement the house, affixing a certain sense of composure to each room. As a matter of fact, there is something cathartic about decorating your own space by accumulating ornaments and furniture over time, each having their own story and sentimental attachment, whilst also getting rid of unnecessary clutter – this cycle of adding and subtracting from your house gives it a changing personality that reflects your own as you grow from year to year.

Staying at home does not always mean being alone however; there is also comfort to be found in the company of close friends and family. Sharing the day with your nearest and dearest is a bliss that is too rarely indulged in the daily grind. It is important to teach the little ones too, of the value of easing back from the charged outside world, and of having time for reflection and relaxation. Revealing the splendour of soft and soulful music – a dwindling genre that should be preserved as popular music becomes louder and brasher; it is perfect for small gatherings, mingling well with the easy chatter, and adding to the leisurely intimacy of your home.

As you see, being a homebody does not mean being solitary. It means that rather than being a social butterfly, you understand the merits of having close relationships that last. It means that you understand the worth of self-contemplation and quiet. It means that you value the simpler things and the humbler rituals in life. And most of all, it means that you seek the comfort that is to be found in the empty silences that others try to fill.


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