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Coffee Brewing: A Morning Tradition

words & photography by Natalie Masli



'I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake.'

- Lewis Black



There is something about making coffee in the morning that is comforting. You settle into a routine and a brew technique that is only unique to you. Only you can fully appreciate the habit that is carried out in the sleepy silence of the morning. Before the day becomes rushed and chaotic, there is a moment of gratification for the wise decision of waking up just that little bit earlier to make a cup of coffee – or two – getting you through the rest of the tumultuous day.

It is not just the morning caffeine rush that makes coffee-making at home such a wonderful idea. The act of brewing coffee itself makes use of all of the five senses – from the rich and unmistakable aroma of freshly ground coffee permeating the kitchen, to the sound of the boiling water splattering against the paper filter, the heat of the steam against your face as you pour, and the numerous flavours of the coffee settling against your palate, and finally to the feel of its heat spreading inside your chest.

This engagement of the senses entices the slumbering mind to awaken before the caffeine begins to take effect. The ritual soon becomes as therapeutic and second nature as an invigorating morning shower and the opening of blinds. Just like the golden light that soaks your room in its warmth, coffee-brewing allows some calm and sense of purpose into your life to brace you for the day ahead.