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All About The Blanket

words & photography by Amy Truong



“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” 
― Edith Sitwell


There is nothing quite like a blanket. You can have cushions, rugs, pillows and all other means of home furnishings but it is the blanket that wins the heart every time. Being wrapped up is intuitive; our very nature as humans suggest that we like to be cocooned. From womb to adulthood, it is this that explains the comfort we feel when we rest in bed at night, protected from the monsters often lurking at the back of our minds.

Looking back, the blanket was part of my fondest memories whilst growing up. I remember lining up all the chairs in our house, covering them with blankets and building a fort, using the multi-layered blankets to create secret tunnels or a special wing for me to sleep in. A little older yet, the blanket became the perfect tool for hiding while secretly reading in bed much past bed time. Perhaps to my mother’s dismay, this is the reason that I now require some heavy duty specs to get me through my day. Even during my university years, blankets were my companions and kept me warm as I sat up at 3am, trying to study for my exam the next day. A warm blanket helped me retain the information so naturally, I passed with flying colours.

Sure, it will never have the capability to protect you from any real harm but the blanket is a tangible safety net for all our insecurities and fears. Even in the humid Melbourne summer months, I cannot read in my nook, watch television or even sleep without a blanket covering me. Being covered while I sit in my nook all curled up in comfort, reading and imagining all the wonderful things so beautifully described in the book within my hands is a simple joy that I thoroughly encourage. Later, it will be the same blanket that then cuddles me while enjoying a movie night with my better half, an equally comforting experience. The blanket, therefore, is my guard.

It is amusing to think that a blanket can be so intricately linked to the facets of ones life as it is with mine. In fact, the blanket is so intertwined with my day-to-day lifestyle, that I can honestly say that I can not imagine my life without it. Reflecting on all my favourite blankets growing up, from the farm yard animal blanket that I had in kindergarten to my teddy bear version from when I was eight years old or now to my monochromatic striped one as a grown woman – the blanket continues to be a cuddle telling me it will all be alright after a long day. After all these years, it still is all about the blanket.


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