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Akiko Tsuji

photography by Camila Falquez

Holiday Musings, Akiko Tsuji by tête-à-tête &PLATE


Communion | 2015


“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” 

― Hamilton Wright Mabie

Akiko Tsuji specialises is creating pinched, slab and hand painted pottery as well as hand thrown pieces. She started out in clay jewellery that was inspired by nature and modern art. For over fifteen years she has been working within the design field  out of Brooklyn's studio Kon/strukturShe has been involved with projects that involved the branding of Yohji Yamamoto's identity, the developments of Zero + Maria Cornejo label and many more inspiring projects of the like.

1/ How do you carry through your practices of ‘slowness’ from your work and transfer them to life at large? 

Patience that is required in my work, I do try to consciously carry through to my daily life activities. Waking up, having breakfast, stepping outside, doing things outside of work, having meals and taking breaks alone or with my family are all necessary components of my workings. They feed into my creative process and vise versa.

2/ What kind of preparations do you participate within for the holiday season?

For the holiday season, I like to think of special dishes I want to make for my loved ones to enjoy. Picking fresh ingredients from local farmers' market and make soups, salads, roasted vegetables, French lentils with salmon, apple pie and cookies.

3/ What does the holiday season remind you to do more of?

It reminds me to take some time looking through the art and design books that accumulated through the year, and spend time every day with my family as if they were weekends - goofing, watching movies, and going out.

4/ Do you have any rituals or traditions for this time of year? If so, what are they?

Not so much. But if we stay in NYC, we like to walk down Fifth Avenue and visit Rockefeller Center and look at the big Christmas tree!

5/ What makes them important to you?

It reminds us of how much we are happy being in NY.

6/ Has your perspective on the holidays changed over your life? How?

Since I have my own family, my husband and daughter, holidays have become much more fun and enjoyable. I grew up in traditional Japanese family where Christmas was not really celebrated.

7/ Do you have any particular standout or fond memories of the holiday season?

Every year we get a tree from a local stand and carry it back home and decorate it with my daughter, many ornaments are made by her, those are fond memories. 

8/ Throughout the year we find ourselves losing track of important practices we emplace at the beginning of every year, what are you keen to get back on track with the rest/holiday season coming up?

I sort of lost track of doing enough exercise since I got larger orders of my pottery to fulfil. I intend to get back on track with that once I have a break!


Holiday Musings, Akiko Tsuji by tête-à-tête &PLATE
Holiday Musings, Akiko Tsuji by tête-à-tête &PLATE

My approach to gifting is…  to choose something that would put a smile on the receiver, wrap it beautifully, and to include hand written warm, thoughtful messages on hand-made cards.

I would like to close this year… peacefully, with my family.

My ideal morning over the holidays looks like… sleep in an hour later than usual, have breakfast with my family and take a long walk with our dog in the park.

Materials and fabrics perfect for the holiday season are… warm candle lights and cashmere. It’s cold and gets dark early here in winter, so the slow burning of candle light especially scented ones feels cozy, and the softness of cashmere is unmatched.  

The holidays mean… peace, kindness and relaxation.

My Christmas menu must haves are… german pancakes with berries and maple syrup, duck confit, mashed potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts and root vegetables.

Holiday Musings, Akiko Tsuji by tête-à-tête &PLATE
Holiday Musings, Akiko Tsuji by tête-à-tête &PLATE
Holiday Musings, Akiko Tsuji by tête-à-tête &PLATE