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A Weekend to Refresh

photography & words by Juliette Steen



“No weekend, all weakened.” 

― Toba Beta

For those who lead busy and stressful lives, the notion of the weekend or a day off is a moment of fresh air – a chance to restore and re-inspire oneself. However, being the always-on humans we are, these chances to unwind and take time for ourselves more often than not end up as days in which we are still switched on – whether that be to work, our personal lives, or online.

This guide is here to help those who, like so many of us, struggle to make a day off, well, truly a day off.

1. Wake up naturally.

Turn off your alarms and your smart phone the night before. Let your body decide what time to wake up. If that means 6am, stay in bed; open the curtains and feel the sun's warmth embrace your skin, start the book which has been patiently waiting on your bedside table, or roll over and just bask in the day's beginning.

2. Ease into the morning.

While still donning your PJ's, take your time to make yourself a coffee or tea. Relish the slowness. Enjoy your steaming beverage back in bed with your novel, or sit in the favourite nook of your home and sip at a snail's pace. Don't check your emails, phone or social media. Disconnecting can feel unnatural and maybe even unnerving, but it paradoxically leads to a wholesome perspective, reconnecting you to both yourself and the outside world.

3. Nourish.

Write down the breakfast recipe you haven't had the time to make. Play your favourite album and get creative in the kitchen. If the recipe fails, don't worry; try again or simply make your usual breakfast  – but add a few pieces of chocolate on top or have it on the side. Treat yourself.

4. Do something you've wanted to do for an age.

Try out that café you have been meaning to go to, press flowers, read a still-unread magazine issue, bake a batch of granola or cookies from scratch, clear your desk, do a face mask, start a beginner's yoga sequence. Drive to the beach and dip in the sea, repot those overgrown herbs, write in your journal, clean out your wardrobe, take a bath, write down quotes that have stuck with you. Do what ever feels right to you and, importantly, don’t feel guilty doing it.

5. Reconnect.

Invite a friend over and have afternoon tea together, call your parents, write an old friend a letter, hold your special someone tight, take a walk by yourself and in your head list all the things you have to be grateful for while you smell the flowers.


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